Do all popular CSS framework have hundreds of validation errors and warnings

I read a recent article that recommended a different CSS framework should be tried on every new project… I was hoping to make the latest project more aesthetic because I was once classified by a designer as being “colour deaf” also have white space problems :frowning:

I tried three Frameworks and was most surprised that the validation service showed many hundreds of errors and warnings! I also searched in vain for the same Frameworks that complies with the validation service.

There seems to be a total disregard for publishing invalid scripts?

Are there any lean and mean CSS Frameworks that comply with the recommendations?

Hi Jon, unfortunately I will not be of much help because I’m quite disconnected from the latest CSS frameworks but good luck finding one that adheres to your criteria…
To me all the common tools do not follow any best practices and are all great offenders in accessibility, usability, standards and compliant code… Take Google’s Material for example, you would have thought the guys at Google have enough money and resources to be able to create a great product that follow standards and best practices. You’d be wrong, Material accessibility is very poor…
And I have a feeling that the bigger players are even greater offenders… not sure if it’s just for kicks but it might be.

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nono Andres, they have enough money and resources to be able to IGNORE standards and best practices.

See Also: Internet Explorer’s implementation of… just about anything.


I was thinking that this site should set a good example:

Maybe it is the Framework Wars now, and maybe the deviation from standards is a strategy to leave you no easy way back and hooked to those tools… just a thought


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