How Can I Setup windows 7

hello everybody please help. i have a Net book. there is no optical drive. how can i install windows 7 in my net book…

Hi there,

You can use a flash drive.

Here’s a good tutorial:
Here’s something from Microsoft:
And there’s plenty of information on Google:

Good luck!

you have to use a flash drive or an external usb DvD rom to install windows into your system.

Why has your netbook come with no OS :confused:

You may have usb drive or pen drive. you can make it boot-able and run window 7 in your notebook.

This is the same solutions that have already been posted :smiley: Please, don’t repeat what has already been said :wink:

Of course, if you have a repository of software in some server you could also install from the network but this would be rare in a domestic environment but not so strange in a medium-big company