How can i protect my webpsge?

Hi guys i’m new in this forum.i have a website but i’m suffering form few day
about my webpage security.
so how can i protect this from hacker.:lol:

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Watermark your images to prevent people from reusing them elsewhere without your permission. You could also overlay transparent images to prevent copying. Do not disable right click. You will piss people off faster than you can blink an eye. Add optional SSL encryption. Show your visitors your website is legitimately regularly scanned. Secure your DNS. Others probably have other suggestions I forgot and might elaborate a little more on what I said.

You cannot prevent hackers completely no matter how much security you implement. The creator is also the destroyer. Computer programmers could still hack your website. It is not like a movie. Often times they go unnoticed until it is too late. They go through a process over a period of sometimes months just to get what they want. That does not mean you should do nothing. All this should tell you is that nothing you will ever do till quantum computers will be bullet proof from real hackers.

Thank you so much Sanctus…

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What kind of security problems are you having?