Help me?

how can i saved my web from hackers in these days i have faced such a triable problem about my site before 2 days ago my site waz hacked by some hackers plz any body give me the way that i saved my others sites form hackers thanx;)

what exactly do you want to know? There are literally tons of resources about various aspects of web site security.

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The protection steps can be summarized fairly easily:

  1. Keep viruses off the PC that you use for managing your sites. Use a good real-time antivirus program if you use Windows.

  2. Use long random passwords.

  3. Keep WordPress and all other applications up to date.

  4. If you write your own code, write it carefully with security in mind.

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I was facing the same problem before from the hackers and web viruses. There are lots of web threats. We need proper web security system in place to avoid these threats. So after doing some research on various web security solutions I came across WatchGuard’s web security system, which is helping me to protect my website from the hackers.