How can I get the ( read more )sintax on text editor to work with the code bellow

Hi I have this code that show the latest post on inside a small div on a home page but I wanted to add the more(<!–more–>)on the text editor but is not working, I have tried to change he sintax bellow with a the_excerpt but that stops the code bellow from displaying the latest post. can someone help me out please I want the post to display some content on the homepage and click more to take you to the post itself.

Thanks in adavance.


    function wptuts_recentpost($atts, $content=null){
	  global $more;    // Declare global $more (before the loop).
  $more = 0;       // Set (inside the loop) to display content above the more tag.

        $getpost = get_posts( array('number' => 1) );

        $getpost = $getpost[0];

        $return = $getpost->post_title . "<br />" . $getpost->post_content . "…";

        return $return;

    add_shortcode('newestpost', 'wptuts_recentpost');