How to add Read More link at the end of each post

In my blog I am showing summary of posts I want to put link at the end of each post “Read More” to show the complete post. How can i do this.

Optionally you can put a <!–more–> tag in your post edit box at the point where you want the Read More link to appear.

:slight_smile: yes i have tried but failed hense i registered this forum and posted a thread.

I am using <?php the_excerpt(__(‘Read more Full Story…’, ‘inove’)); ?>

and i dont want to put <!-- More –> tag in one by one in every post.

You can use the ‘exerpt’ box on the post edit page. That way WP will show only that part of the post on the frontpage, and add the ‘read more’ link automatically.

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Why don’t you try to google and read some more about it: