How can I build a website using wordpress

I have got a wordpress website which was build for me by a friend but I want to learn how to build one for my self as I found it hard for me to mannage the current one due to little knowledge I have in wordpress sites.
I hope this is the right place to post this thread and am waiting to learn from experts on this beautful forum.
I appreciate any kind of advice thanks.

[FONT=Verdana]I’ve had very little experience with WordPress, but I’d say if you want to learn anything about building a web site, you should first learn HTML and CSS, so that you understand how web pages are constructed. Once you have that basic knowledge, you can either use it to build you own site, or go on to learn about WordPress, if that’s where your interest lies.

I would recommend that you get a good book on HTML and CSS and learn the basics from there.

There are also a number of online resources for learning HTML/CSS, including:
The SitePoint Reference is also helpful.

Am not to bad in html but I know nothing about css and that you for these links I have already got started with learning more about html and css plus javascipt as well

in fact wordpress is easy to manage, you just have to learn some basic HTML/CSS and PHP, and by the time you will learn how to use the exacte plugins and how the themes work, you will learn more and more about it…

I downloaded wordpress to install it to my computer but it seems I cant do anything before getting MYSQL is there another way how I can install it?

It’s a good idea to install it on your computer first and have a play around with it before going live. It’s easy to do, luckily. You can install XAMPP (for Windows) or MAMP (for Mac), each of which is a ready-made local server environment. Then you can install WP and have some fun with it.

You can just use the default theme for WP and learn to manage it from the control panel. Gradually read through the docs at WP to see what can be done with it. If you know HTML, CSS, and a tiny bit of PHP, you can start to create your own themes etc.

Thank you very much for your advice and am going to try that but can this theme be installed as single file?

Not sure what you mean by “this theme”. WP is quite easy to install—and they have some simple instructions to follow. The default theme comes all built in. It’s spread over several files and folders, though.

Start reading through WordPress Codec. It’s the best written and documented Wiki I’ve ever seen.
Then experiment on your local machine.
When you’re comfortable, explore your site’s wp-content folder, and especially the themes folder. With time you’ll learn which files are innecesary. You’ll discover it’s a very logical way to code a template.
Meanwhile, get to know WordPress administration panel. You’ll mostly need the Posts, Pages and Settings parts.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks guy for your help and now I have installed wordpress and now working on pages but am still stuck on posts, how do i put a posts section on my home page?

Normally WP does that by default. How have you set things up at this stage? I’m not very familiar with WP any more, but I believe that, in the admin area, you can specify that.

I installed wp through zampp and after that is was easy to just add a home page and other pages but posts section is where am stuck

Try changing these settings. If you have a theme that supports it, this will do. If not, I’d suggest trying another theme, or you’ll have to add some code to your theme’s index.php

The best part about WordPress is the large user community. There are tons of free resources to learn. (not hosts free online blogs. There are tighter restrictions on what you can and cannot do, but as a place to safely learn the basics I’d suggest you start there. will help give you some basic orientation and there are a lot more video and text based tutorials and information. Once you understand how the components work together within the website then you can start using your own coding skills to change it. doesn’t allow this though, it keeps a tighter control on the websites it hosts to help people manage them. If you are looking to custom code that is when your local installs and some of the more advanced tutorials will come in handy.

Wordpress.ORG has an advantage over .COM in the fact that .COM is extremely restrictive on moving or selling a site. .ORG has no restrictions and most if not all your hosting company will have a cPanel interface which would contain Wordpress or Fantastico to set up your sites with one click. Also most hosting companies are using Linux and this is extremely reliable.

Speaking on the size of the support community I find many forums support for .ORG based site.


It’s very easy to build a wordpress website. As my little experience I will suggest, it’s better first you should try with free version.
Do experiment with wordpress .org

Following the way to build your own wordpress site/blog

  1. Open wordpress . com or org
  2. Register with a active email
  3. login with given user 7 password (auto come to given email)
  4. Pick any theme from there
  5. And post your content so on …
    Happy… :slight_smile:

There is no paid version of WordPress. :slight_smile:

Before you get to far, what kind of site do you have? Dependent on what the niche is and how to monetize you might want to get someone you trust give it a quick look see. There will be many questions but remember that it is an ongoing venture.


Are you trying to create wordpress theme? Sorry, i am a little confused.

However, if you want to post, you can just click on ‘Add New’ under the Post navigation

I think he is referring to where user can just create new blogs for fun. :slight_smile:

I am also not an expert in wordpress, but i found it to be easy once i started exploring. I only find it hard to design my custom templates for wordpress but for newbies there are many free templates available on free template websites.