Hotel room online booking system

Hi all,

I have been approached about designing a new hotel website that will be opening locally, can anyone advise of ay good booking systems I could look into using on the site, also can anyone advise of the costs for systems such as this?

All advice greatly appreciated


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Are you looking at software that is built into the site or third-party options? A client I was recently asked to help decided to use this third-party service:

ResOnline’s Turbocharged Booking Button

but in my own searches I found a lot of alternatives. You can get a sense of costs by checking out their sites, I guess. Of course, that one I linked to is Australian, so depending on where you are located it may not be relevant, but I’m sure there will be options in your area.

Hi Ralph,

Im looking at something third party, in your searches are there any youd recommend?

I can’t really, as I haven’t used them, so your judgment would be as good as mine. I linked to the one above as the clients obviously thought it had merit. Even though an Australian company, they provide an international phone number, so presumably they deal with overseas customers, though I doubt that would be practical in most cases.

Cheers Ralph,

Im gonna spend some time checking out various services and see where I go with that! The link you provided was good though!


I have used Booking Baboon in the past. It is a great application.

Avaibility Calendar Script for B&Bs, Vacation Rental and small hotels website. PHP/ASP/JAVASCRIPT/RAILS

Are you looking for a hosted solution? BB is 100% hosted. I have not tried any other solution.

Take a look at sirvoy booking system as well. It’s cheap ($25/month) and easy to use.

i heard that this online booking system is also good.


have a try to play with it.

Have a look at this comparison list of different B&B, hostel and hotel booking systems:

I found it very helpful when I was searching, it breaks down everything into costs and what you get for your money. It’s not always the expensive systems that offer the best functionality!