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Hi all,

I am just curious but since i am just starting out and i was speaking to a potential lead at this stage they are in the process of building a hotel and ask me if i could develop a full scale hotel website with booking.system.

i know i could use wordpress or develop the program from ground up but why bother re-inventing the wheel right? so i am just curious for some one who is starting out and trying to get clients would it be wise to post the project on places like freelancer or upwork just so i can get a rough estimate on what it could go for.

obiviously some features i proabbly could not do on my own so proabbly outsource them

so whats your thoughts good place to get a starting point for a price quiet on somthing this complex?

How many bedrooms is the hotel planning to have?

A very competent programmer friend of mine has recently helped to open a nail salon for his wife. He has adopted and been very impressed with the Facebook’s automatic booking system. The App’ even sends confirmation messages the day and hour before the appointment!

are you referring to using booxi? or facebook itself

i am not too sure yet maybe when i get closer to building it maybe i can consider using booxi but looked at it and seem like its for booking appointment in small bulk lots.

would anyone recommend shopify for a online hotel booking i know the rooms will be like 20 rooms that is how much information i know at this stage.

Have you tried Agoda or Booking.com?

That seems inadequate to me. I think you should try to get more information or you may be wasting your time.

Are the rates “flat”? eg. they do not vary seasonally, not subject to group discount rates etc.
Are all rooms the same rate? eg. alley view vs. scenic view.
Amenities included? eg. room service, television, telephone, wifi.
Cancellation policy?

Until you know as many details as possible it could be pointless for you to make a decision about what to use when you don’t know what you will need.


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