Hosting Suggestions 101 for a super dummy :(

Hello guys,

i need your advice on the following matter

i will create a classified ads website and i only have the name so far.

i need your advice where i should be in terms of services so i can have a really good results when the sites has lots of traffic, because in my country there is only 1 competitor with a 1950 theme.

i will allow my users also to upload listings so must have capacity ?

please assist with links and comments.

sorry for my pure English.
thanks in advance.

Depends what your budget is and let classified ads script you plan on using, whether it Declassified CMS WordPress classified site or any of several possible configurations that would all require different things from your hosting environment.

Considering it’s going to be a brand new website, shared hosting will probably be fine for you, 90% have all cms’s run on Linux, so as long as you get shared hosting from a large provider (do NOT go with ionos, Go Daddy, or HostGator, Check reviews) - just make sure it is a shared linux hosting with cpanel, PHP 7 or +, and that you’re host provides a free SSL certificate with hosting, as long as those are in place you’ll be fine no matter what scripture you use

Why do you recommend that @sociallypw? Shared hosting is certainly not the best hosting around. It’s not always the cheapest either.

Based on the question, it stands to reason that. OP is most likely a novice, and therefore shared hosting would be the lowest barrier to entry, the most newbie friendly, And for a brand new site you frankly don’t need more than shared hosting. , people get too caught up. With wanting to make sure they have the biggest package with the best possible features and become so fixated on that. They don’t even realize that they’re actually paying for. 50 times more than you’re actually using. If it’s a brand new site, that probably wouldn’t have much traffic yet at the beginning, in a brand-new site owner. It makes sense to start small and scale up as necessary.

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