Asking about e-commerce trade shows/ wholesalers/ samples

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someome could help me with some starter advice: I’d like to start selling merchandise online – I’ll probably start selling on Amazon, hopefully learn the ropes, then move onto my own personal e-commerce website. If you were starting out like me, what would be your advice on the following:

1.) Would attending trade shows be beneficial for me? How do I get in?
2.) Where would I find an online directory of wholesale suppliers?
3.) What are a few ways to determine if the seller is one with intergrity and a good reputation ?
4.) Also, if requested, will these wholesale suppliers usually send you a sample item?

Thanks so much in advance,

If your prospective supplier is already selling on amazon, directly or indirectly, then you will not be creating any unique sales for them unless your listing is better than theirs - ie, you will be creating unique copy/videos etc.

I wouldn’t send an individual a sample, although it may be possible if he gave a good account of himself AND the product value was very low.

As someone who has created a [small] brand for a company that sells wholesale and retail, you do not sound like a good prospect as things stand. You don’t have a retail space, real or virtual, so you need to impress upon the supplier the fact that you will create new sales.

As for getting into trade shows - for the ones I exhibit at, I expect you could get in with a little front: Hello, I am a such&such retailer, I’ve not been to your show before, can you tell me a little about the exhibitors please?