Display:none still shows space in IE

I wanted to remove the current page from the navigation. WordPress applies a special class to the current page (and parent and ancestor page). I’ve added display:none to this class, which removes it successfully.

However, IE (all versions) shows a blank space where this link would be in the menu. I use a conditional style sheet for IE, but I can’t get rid of the space.

Here’s the page, you can see the space in the “Other Products & Services” menu on the bottom-left when viewing with IE:

Any help would be awesome. So frustrating!


You removed the anchor but the list element itself will still take up space in IE even if empty. Remove the list as well.

#menu-wrap #parent-nav ul li.current_page_item  { display: none; }

You got it. Thanks, I wouldn’t have been looking there for a while! I have removed the anchor from the selectors and saw that I only have to hide the list item, which then hides the anchor inside it.