Help with z-index on menumatic drop down menu

I’m using a drop down menu from menumatic. It’s working on all current browsers except IE 8 and safari on windows. The problem is that a video on the page is showing up in front of the menu. I have tried adjusting the z-index but it doesn’t seem to work. I can post all of the code if needed but it might be easier to just look at the site.

any ideas?

Change the doctype



<!DOCTYPE html>

and let’s see if that helps.

Hm, try adding this to the video params:

<param name="wmode" value="transparent" >

That can stop videos from standing in front of other content.

Thanks guys. I tried both of those suggestions and none of them worked. I went in to the menumatic css and added a high z index to a bunch of the classes and it seemed to fix the problem on IE but not safari.

O well, glad you fixed it. The drop down works fine on Safari Mac, and Safari Windows is very much a dead duck, so I wouldn’t worry about it, TBH.

One thing to check out, though: in all versions of IE, I get a Video Not Available message.