Drop down menu falling behind slide show

hello - been searching for this but think my file set-ups mean other solutions don’t quite work for me…

so I have a menu nav above a jquery banner, the nav has one drop-down-menu which is falling behind the banner.

been looking at z-index setting but this doesn’t seem to work for me - and this is in safai and firefox, not even a ie problem!

here’s the site, any help would be GREAT!

Simply add z-index: 2 to your #ofs-navigation-2 ul li selector and it will stop the drop down from falling behind the slideshow.

Thats Excellent!

Thanks Very much

Your welcome

hope it’s not too shaky there, we know what its like here in christchurch

LOL, it was a very minor tremor.

Off Topic:

That picture about sums up earthquakes in this part of the world. I really laughed when I saw that.

add css style
#ofs-navigation-box {