Help with WP OpenGraph plugin



I’ve been using this popular plugin for quite a long time:

Which is quite good, but unfortunately nobody replies to their support forum so i thought maybe someone is using it and is more experienced than me.

The plugin offers the “overlay image” feature, which places a .PNG image ontop of evert image when shared online. The problem is that this is done always and everywhere and i can’t figure out a way to disable this feature on certain pages/posts. For example, the homepage or the contact page or the cookies page etc, should not have an overlay image.

According to the plugin’s documentation:

"- The original image will be resized/cropped to 1200x630px and the chosen PNG (that should also have this size) will be overlaid on it. It will only work for locally hosted images.

  • You can see an example of the end result here
  • If you activate this option globally, you can disable it based on your conditions using the fb_og_image_overlay filter"

Here are the problems, though. There is no setting for global or not globel option. Either you turn it on or off. And they don’t explain how or where to use the “fb_og_image_overlay” filter, nor what the filter’s parameters are. I did try, though, to use it via the “Custom Fields”. I added “fb_og_image_overlay” as a field and then tried a few obvious values like “false”, “no”, “off” etc. Nothing works. I don’t even see this meta tag, when viewing the page’s source code on browser.

So does anyone have any insights?