Help with slow computer

I bought a few people some used computers about 6 months ago. They have really become slow, it seems and I am at a loss. What can we do to speed up the systems? They are both about the same: windows xp, p4 2.66ghz, 512 ram 40gb hd. Any help GREATLY appreciated!

512 is a very small amount of ram. Chances are the slowness is primarily down to running out of memory and swapping to disk. Check there are not a lot of unnecessary processes and background services running that are eating up memory. Check there is plenty drive space remaining, and defragment it if required.

Agreed with the above, add to that if the hard drive is getting full up, that can affect performance a lot, other factors can be temperature and infection(s), simple maintenance often cures most causes such as junk\ emp files and fragmentation, so try junk file cleaners such as CCleaner and [URL=“”]Disk Cleaner, and defrag with say [URL=“”]Auslogics, but do check the drive space, if it’s more than 30gig full then that can be causing problems, they suggest drives should be 60% full on average, 75% tops, they need the space to move files round when accessing them etc, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a combination of most of these things behind the slowness, hope this helps a bit.

The easiest way to make a computer faster is to go to run menu (Windows + R) and then type (msconfig) and just uncheck the programs that under the Startup up folder that are making that computer slow. If that does not work try uninstalling the programs that are not being used from the computer. :cool:

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assuming that the computers were actually running okay when they were initially set up, try the following –

  1. settings > internet options > delete browsing history
  2. recycle bin > clear recycle bin
  3. program files > accessories > system tools > disk defragmenter

these steps will restore performance on ordinary windows computers

i also have a registry cleaner and do regular registry defrags, but unless there is a lot of adding/removing of software, this isn’t likely to help you much

Also i suggest to stop unnecessary services from the run type services.msc and stop the unwanted services.

Also install the CCleaner software , It free alot of Junk Data from different area of your Pc and free it up!

Has it also been 6 months since you cleaned the computers? A bunch of computers all become slow at once… sounds like the fans are full of dust and they’re throttling CPU because it’s overheating.

CCleaner is really good as suggested above. It does alot more than just cleaning junk. it allows you to uninstall stuff real easy, fix registry issues and add/remove programs from the system startup which could be crutial in your case.