Why is my computer still slow?

ok, don’t tell me it’s my RAM or processor speed. or what could i be missing? so check this out…

  • I have 3GB RAM (upgraded from 2GB)
  • processor speed is 2.00mMHz

now, i’ve opened task manager to observe the CPU usage and RAM usage at the times when my computer is slowest…

my ram never went above 50% of usage (meaning i had clean 1.5GB RAM to utilize)
my CPU usage (for both processors) never went above 50% to 80% for more than a few seconds (CPU was never 100% busy for more than 1 or 2 seconds)
PLUS i have like 500MB virtual memory each allocated from 3 partitions of my hard driver (extra 1.5GB memory).

so the question again… why is my computer still slow, even with so much free RAM and less busy CPU??? what could be the reason??? it just suddenly reduces performance after some time. it could be 5mins after i put it on, sometimes 30mins, sometimes an hour, sometimes i doesn’t get slow.

i defragment often. i repair my registry often, my antivirus us up to date, my drivers are up to date, my updates are installed, i delete temporary files often, i do everything right and still, my computer gets slow!!!

when the computer overheats, it just does off but never reduces in performance.

so does anyone know the REAL reason why the computer is slow???

You really shouldn’t spread that out over multiple partitions, that’s asking for trashing; the computer get so caught up in copying data back and forth from memory to virtual memory (and between different virtual memory storage spots in your case) it doesn’t get the time to do anything else!

It’s a lot better to have a large pagefile on just one partition, preferable the partition that is the least busy. Also make it a fixed size and about the same size as the amount of RAM you have.

It could still be something else, but I won’t be surprised if this completely solves the issue.

Heat is a major factor in performance, get and run SpeedFan and report back with the system temp’s, then we can advise if anything needs doing there, the above is also true, and can impact performance, but another thing that could be causing problems is an infection(s), get and run [URL=“http://www.malwarebytes.org/”]Malwarebytes and see what that finds, pause\exit any real time protection before starting, it can cause fight with the scan, there are plenty of other scans about, but try this first, and see what comes back, then we can go from there.

What version of windows (and if 32bit or 64bit) are you running?

Whats your harddisk space balance?

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Hi if you are regularly performing a scan and your antivirus is updated maybe you have problem with your computer registry. Try using CCleaner its a registry cleaner. It is an application designed to optimize the performance of your PC by cleaning Windows registry regularly.Get rid of all those unnecessary files that slow your computer in just seconds.
This application is in charge of executing a series of automatic processes that will get your PC in good conditions. With this program it is possible to remove temporary files (from any of the browsers installed), cleaning the cache memory, removing the list of applications and recently opened applications (from the start menu). Moreover, CCleaner has other great advantages such as restoring the Registry, uninstalling programs and defining which applications are automatically executed as you start Windows that sometimes cause of your slow PC.

Hope it did help.

I feel registry or some temporary things are causing the problem. So, try ccleaner, freeware which will repair your registry.
And then clean all the temporary files and folders using the same application.

You just clear history, temp files, internet temp files using disc clean up.
Write on run command temp and %temp% then remove all files containing folder, after that type msconfig then a window is appear you just click on startup tab and disable all then apply and then restart your PC.
After restarting just open your c drive move on windows folder and show hidden files then you see number of files are appear whose name strats as $hf_mig$ you just delete all files permanent and then restart you pc.

Maybe your anti virus is scanning automatically or updating automatically and running in the background without you realising and slowing the computer down.

I have this problem at work. Every day the virus checker runs at 5pm and the computer just stops for 30 mins. I don’t finish till 5.30 so that is real good use of my time although I anm getting paid for it;)

or for my suspect your anti virus as well has a big part of your computer speed :slight_smile:

Well UN-install unnecessary software, make some free space in your hard disk, don’t use high config software like adobe, it’ll definitely slow your PC

the computer windows might need to be formatted again or memory of the hard disk cannot longer take more than the capacity required.

Could it be your hard disk drive might also be defective? Or you might have some programs running in the background.

may be your hardware compatibility is one of the issue. Though there are a lot of reasons unnecessary stuffs in your computer.It is a best idea to format it install OS again. This might work otherwise hardware problems.