Help with reducing the value and updating

Over the years, I have read and occasionally helped with threads for first the ‘php motion’ script and now this ‘PT’ script you are trying to use. You are the only person here that knows and has access to the meaning of the data that these methods return and require as parameters. No one here can help just based on the non-working snippets of code you are posting. You must provide information/links to the documentation for these methods.

About a year ago, you posted a similar thread - Help with getting correct amount into table column where you are performing a calculation and updating a column with the resulting value. Unless you changed what these methods do, the ->where() method call returns an object and uses additional syntax to get only a singe row of data, and the syntax you are using for the ->update() method call in this thread is largely different.

So, sorry, but small snippets of non-working code that apparently don’t even use the correct syntax for the script you are using are not helpful. Does this PT script have its own support forum you can post your questions on, where someone already familiar and up to speed with its inner workings can actually help?

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