Help with layout and possible functionality

I am creating a time off sheet online…I need some help with structuring it i believe…
this is what it is suppose to look like …now…ideally …all the employees will be editing is the in’s and out’s…we have a database table for time off…the idea is to imports those dates and auto populate them into this table…

For example - lets say the date range is from feb 5th - feb25th…and i asked off for personal reasons for 8 hours on feb24th…so in the second thursday column and the row of personal…there would be an 8.00…i have a way to figure out if its first thursday or 2nds thurdays…really the part i’m stuck on is once i know what thursday it is, the hours, and the reason…how do i tell it to go to that specific textbox(cell)…i’m figuring i need ideaas…and maybe make top row a hearder row…but still unsure…any help is greatly appreciated…here is the code

here is the image…dont know why it didnt post

Hi, I like how you gave us your code, but the ASP.Net code does us little good.

If this site is online, we’d appreciate the link ,if not we need the rendered HTML, aka the code that comes from a view-source in browser :).

Along with any CSS you have worked on with it :slight_smile:

sure…cant give the site…but i’ll get the rendered code and css … and respectively