Need help with an online booking form

Can someone help me finish this appointment form with some styling, and also need it to actually process appointments and send directly to gmail. please check it here

You need to be more specific than that. What do you need help with? What styling help? What processing? This is the HTML/CSS forum so let’s handle the styling here.

The processing will want a bit of PHP scripting. Have a search in the PHP section.

Not to nitpick, but we actually don’t know what language the OP is using.

So (s)he will have to search depending on the language.

*Other scripting languages are available.

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Yes it is html and css form, so for styling im going to need it done in html and css and for the processing php, im still learning htmtl and css, php i dont understand but, i will be learning css soon, i just need someone to help finish this form with styling and processing, i would like for the processing to send directly to gmail account. this it would be easy for me to keep up with my appointments.

You’re going to need to be more specific on what you’re looking for help with. Everyone has different tastes, so just saying “fix it” is like asking to paint a room a “nice color”. Some might like blue, others like green, and some like neon colors.

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fixing the input width and height datepicker and timepicker

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