Working with video's on the web - How to for best practice?

Hi guys, I’m having problems to be consistent with working with videos for the web

For example, making it work across most browsers and computers regardless of their performance

There is a site, this one specifically and I’ve tested it across so many computers and browsers and the video always shows up perfectly so I want to follow in their footsteps

Does anybody know how they do it and how to set up my videos so it always shows up in HD and how to code it up?

For my site I receive the videos in MOV HI RES format - then I use Premiere Pro usually to make a smaller file version and would upload it on Youtube and then Embed it but that hasn’t been giving me the best results across different browsers and machines

Any ideas?

Same way most people do it – pay an arms dealer for the privilege. In their case they are using Brightcove – you can tell in the source code. There are a number of options in that space, I’m personally fond of Ooyala. Limelight is another similar choice. Expect to spend $500/month to play ball.

They all operate in pretty similar ways. Users upload video to the provider, who then transcodes it, typically in a number of different codecs, resolutions and bitrates. They then provide a script you can use to embed the video on your page. Video is loaded using this script, which handles the job of loading the player and putting it in the right place and picking the right size of the video. Typically the players themselves handle selecting the correct bitrates once a user starts streaming it

i had this issue before where YouTube just wasn’t enough. I used Last I checked they were reasonable in price. I think that I only paid $50 a month. Plus, they allowed white labeling which was important for me at the time.

Viddler is a good choice – they sprung up because there is alot of space between youtube and the low end of the Brightcove tier.