Help to get started

Hi, I recently purchased “Web Site, The Right Way”. and I am having a problem getting started.

I don’t know where I went wrong, I created a folder in notebook called WEB as instructed then typed the basic.html file saving it as basic.html in the web folder.

I then attempted to open this document using Internet Explorer but all that happened was that the same html document I had typed appeared on screen instead of the way it should look as per the book, what am I doing wrong.

Regards Gregor…

see if this thread helps you –

I used Coffee Cup Html free edition at first. You really need a good html editor when you work with this book. On page 7 the author lists some ideas about editors. There are so many free editors to use. Don’t bother with notepad.

But if you do use notepad, just create a folder in desktop, call it what you want. As you do different sites, use a different folder. Let’s say you make a folder called websites, then I made a file called sitepoint. In that folder I created the following files: index.html, and style1.css. Add files and also add a folder called images. It is that simple in notepad. But why use notepad when so many free editors are available.