Hu getting started

:Please help! i am totaly new hehe, bought the book- build your own web site the right way using htnl and css 2nd edition… well had it a while now… anyway… page 31 (The most basic web page in the world)… not for me it aint… problems are 1, have to type it all out as the code i downloaded do not appear as they should 2, after i have typed it all out, saved as to the book, double click file location to load in my browser, it still appears as it did when i typed it out, and not as it is in fig 2.7 on page 32… maybe there are some settings i need to change on my system? I am using vista, notepad. All help would be greatfully recieved thanks…

Your file extension has to be *.html and not *.txt or you’ll just see the code in the browser window.

You haven’t saved your file correctly the file should be named: basic.html NOT basic.html.txt or anything else. Notepad defaults to saving as *.txt so check you get the file extension right. Type in basic.html for the file name.

Have you saved the file as a .txt file, or an .htm file?

I am hoping to show my photography off on the web, and got ahead of myself in the lesson’s. And named it something different.

Duh sorry about the panic, i am there now thanks for the quick replies.

How about using an existing CMS (Content Management System) instead of creating a site from scratch.

Some examples are:
Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal among others.

You can then customise these CMS to meet your desired aims. You will still need some programming knowledge to achieve this.