HELP - position text over image


I have this image that I need to position content where the red circles are displayed.

Now using a script I will eventually resize this image on the fly according to browser size and so the content must always display positioned relative to the resized image - and that’s where I’m struggling.

Here’s an example of the same image but resized with the content over it:

I’ve tried using relative and absolute positioning with percentages to position the content, but if/when I remove some content everything shifts.

So basically what I’m trying to do is add 1 to 5 pieces of info over an image that gets resized dynamically. The goal is to keep the content positioned relative to the resized image.

Any suggestions?



I got it!

First I use position: relative for the first DIV.
Then I use position: absolute with percentages for the other DIVs.

Worked like charm!

Thank you everyone.