CSS "Absolute" stop overlappping div with text?

Hello fellas,

I am working on this section everything is good but the only problem is when i resize my screen the image is overlapping the content with text. Can somebody please help me how to solve this?

I want the image to stay a the right side no matter what without overlapping the div when resizing.


I tried relative on different elements and then absolute on the image but it’s not working.


Who is the lead developer of this page? You or @n_merciano?

I am the developer :slight_smile: if you have reviewed the CSS you would see my name.

Are Galanthus and n_merciano both your accounts? duplicate accounts, we would call them.

Whatever is going on must be cleared with our moderators at this point.

I must admit that I have never understood the value of establishing multiple accounts on a help service such as this.

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