Help needed creating an image gallery

I am creating an image gallery like this:

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

Below each image i want to put a legend and also some admin options like edit,delete etc.

The part of displaying the images is easy:

#gallery li
<div id="gallery">
<li> ... link_to_image ...</li>

But i am troubles setting the bar below each image. I tried various solutions and the images displayed below each other and not inline.

Any help?
I will keep investigating.

This? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link:D

This one may be more up to date :slight_smile:

Yesh, but the one Ryan posted I think is more valuable IF there will be varying heights… which, in a gallery, you never know.

Any chance of an updated version of caption4 then?

Yes that one will handle variable heights automatically.

Here it is with some content in a fluid width.:slight_smile:

You need to update your caption list with al your caption pages then (on your home page)[/ot]

Off Topic:

Yes I do :slight_smile: