What the Ronnie!

Well if you’re in the UK or Ireland you’ll probably have been looking forward to seeing the “One Ronnie” show on BBC! I for one was and was truely disappointed! Christmas is usually the time for the ritualistic “Two Ronnies” Christmas special shows - I always love seeing them even though I almost know their jokes off by heart! :smiley:

I was really looking forward to seeing what Ronnie Corbett was going to be like in his new show and all the cool new guests he’ll be having on to join him in various sketches! But, I have to say that I was extremely disappointed! The only sketch I did like was the one with Harry Enfield - reminded me of the “four candles/hardware shop” sketch the two Ronnies did before - but unfortunately that’s where the laughs started and finished for me!

What happened to him? He used to be hilarious! Personally I think it’s down to his writers or perhaps he’s just trying too hard to try and appeal to the “younger” generation but at what cost?

So, I was wondering if anyone else had a chance to see it and what you thought about it? Perhaps I’m getting old and don’t really find this “new style” of comedy as funny? :shifty:

Your thoughts please!

[FONT=“Georgia”]My thoughts are, “What in the world is this Irish woman talking about?”

Never saw that Ronnie thing. The only Ronnie I know of is from that Metallica song.

I’m looking forward to seeing Twilight Zone on Sci-fi Channel this New Year’s.

What do you mean by the “new style” of comedy?



I used to love watching “The Two Ronnies” when I was a kid. I always liked Ronnie Barker more. I haven’t seen Ronnie Corbett perform on his own but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Ronnie who? Ronnie Tutt? yeah, he’s a great drummer :tup: :shifty:

I’m getting old

:agree: :<

Jeeze you guys - Let me introduce you to the “Two Ronnies” and one of my favourite sketches “four candles” :rofl:


The new style I was referring to is that his humour isn’t as it was back then - I just thought that maybe it was down to his writers or maybe I’m just not really the “target audience” for his new style of jokes now, they just seemed to be quite boring in the new show he did :confused2

nice one, but nothing beats Ronnie!


and no Christmas without:


Ah, they did achieve a low level of popularity in Canada back in the day.

Or my English aunt exposed me sometime between a Coronation St. marathon and boiling perfectly good beef!

Ronnie Corbett did perform on his own in a number of programs (Wiki). As for the christmas special I have not watch it yet so I cannot make any comments.

To me Ronnie Barker was the best out of the two but Corbett is a funny bloke which I do like also.

I agree. I recall a couple of the news anchor spoof skits they did, and in particular one that involved Barker singing the “national anthem of Siam”. I found it hysterical. It was most certainly formative for me!

Yeah, in my highly limited exposure, Corbett came off as a bit too slick a bit too often; Barker seemed like one of those irresistible forces - one of those comedians that just brings it.

I think Brits had a lock on irreverence, irony and pitch perfect timing. Canucks just made it palatable to Yanks. Include some bathroom humour, have an accent very similar to theirs but still far away enough to be mockable at times…


Reminds me of Monty Python.

This is one of my favourites;[/FONT]