Help Me

Hi i get a script with this function encoded

<?php if (!function_exists(“T7FC56270E7A70FA81A5935B72EACBE29”)) { function T7FC56270E7A70FA81A5935B72EACBE29($TF186217753C37B9B9F958D906208506E) { $TF186217753C37B9B9F958D906208506E = base64_decode($TF186217753C37B9B9F958D906208506E);

I want this script decode as normal php script can anyone help me how to do this ??

It isn’t encoded. It just has really strange function and variable names. And you didn’t post all of it.

yea i didn’t post all of it, can u plzzz tell me how can i get this normal script ?

I told you, it already is a normal script. The only weird thing are the user function and variable names. All the php is in clear text.

i want to edit this script and i can’t understand these words … :confused:

what should i do ??? tell me

Well, you could use your editor and replace all these strange, long, nonsense names with shorter ones you choose. At least it would become a little bit more readable.

i can’t understand this language than how can i edit this ???

Well, a decoded version of the above code is:

if (!function_exists("decoder")) {
    function decoder($str) {
        $decoded = base64_decode($str);

The question is though, why is it encoded in the first place?

i want a normal code, i want to edit something is the script thats y i’m saying how can i change this code to normal code…???

There is no automatic way to convert all of it to normal code.

than how to convert this ??

Where has the munged code originated from?

Then download a normal code. Or write one.

I’m guessing the above is obfuscated so that you can’t easily use it without permission …

i get this script from my friend and my friend convert the normal code to this code and put his email id and his name on the script, now i want to delete his name from this…


takes 2 steps backwards

Nice friend you are :nono:
Why don’t you ask him?

Your friend wouldn’t give you such code, at least not without reason.

nah, he is doesn’t give me that code bcoz my friend said me that give me 10$ then i will give u a normal code…

Pay the man, and allow him to trade his programming skills to feed his family.