Help with this php decoding

Hi guys, i need help, im tryin gettin the clean code of this footer, but i’m not gettin any results :nono:

Can you help me?

The code is here

Thanks in advance

Just to walk you through the PHP code…

  1. A variable named $QE3F351B9B58A8861D22E98FDA7490465 is created.
  2. It is set equal to a very long string.
  3. That very long string is decoded using the function base64_decode
  4. The resulting PHP code is eval-ed

So “all” you have to do to see the PHP is get rid of the eval part of the code (it’s near the end) and echo the result of base64_decode.

I tried, but the string was so long it kept freezing up my computer :S

can you paste somewhere the code for get it? Im totally “noob” about decoding php

At the very end of your code, there’s this:


Try changing that “eval” to “print”, and view the page.

The script has the following (rather silly) note, several times:

WARNING: This file is protected by copyright law. To reverse engineer or decode this file is strictly prohibited.

Something tells me they don’t want you to see the original source, or something resembling it.

ok but i have a silly sequence of “tinypic, the image is not hosted here” in the footer, and it’s a problem. I dont want delete the link to them, just erase the images

That is just stupid…base64? Really? Talk about making something inefficient even more inefficient! And in the middle OMG…a mass of text and links… Are those suppose to be there?!

I’d just remove the whole eval thing, and then add the attribution link to the source of the template manually (that’s what this is about).
Also, don’t forget to put <?php wp_footer(); ?> in your template too.