Help me please! About this mysterious CMS

Hi everyone

One of my friend ask me to design and develop an e-commerce website that sells women shoes. She fall in love with this website mechanism :

I check it out and get lil bit confuse. Is that website use some kind of CMS or hardcoded from scratch? if it’s use CMS, does anyone here could help me to find out what kind of CMS they used?
please help me guys…
thank you so much…

Best Regard - Alfin

NB: sorry if i have bad english, it’s not my native language :slight_smile:

Looks like a home grown CMS. If your going to build something like that from scratch its going to be a significant amount of work. Best bet is to use something like magento either customizing it to your needs or living without certain features.

thanks Mr.Oddz
I think i will try to use magento, i’ll find out how to build a website like that with that CMS :slight_smile:

Never tried magento, usually the most popular cms’s are popular for a reason :slight_smile:

Yep, because there are more tools and than professionals creating websites. Also, a significant amount people create stupid simple sites that are pretty much worthless. For that things like WordPress is perfect. Have you ever used something like WordPress for a large database over millions of rows. The answer is probably not and there is a reason. Though Magento is pretty popular, its kinda like the WordPress for ecommerce and just as efficient to when you start to deal with large amounts of data. Than again I’m not in the business of churning out the same crap over and over and over again using a open source CMS and theme I find of some template site. Sadly though there are more people who want and are willing to provide that type of work than looking to build things useful. So that is why things like WordPress are popular, not because they are well done, but because its simple stupid to set-up some site that no one besides the creator gives a damn about. Granted there those blogs are well known and built on WP the majority of sites out there build with open source CMS’s no one cares about and are pretty much worthless in the first place. This all why SEO is so popular as well. Implementing SEO snake-oil is so much easier than creating a useful, informative and original experience. Half the times when SEO comes up I feel like say… no it isn’t SEO its that the site is completely f**kin worthless and no one gives a crap about it because its not worth giving a crap about because the content is horrible.

yeah, many people use large CMS for simple website… i don’t know why. i prefer to work based on what i need… and for this purpose i found magento is usefull… :slight_smile:

This website looks good but it’s very easy to design from scratch
All you need is HTML, CSS, JS slideshow, and PHP for signing up new users.
I designed SEO website few days ago that looks almost the same except for the PHP registration thing. It will take you more time to develop but it will look better, and you will get much experience.

You created a complete eCommerce solution in a single day – admin management tools and front-end design? Its far from just authentication there also needs to be essentially a completely separate site that allows people the ability to carry out business related goals such as; managing products, users, reporting, configuration, orders, payment and the list goes on. In that regards what you actually see on the site – front-end is a very small part of the entire goal.