What CMS / Ecommerce are these sites using?

Hello Friends,

I am new to web designing and I would like to know what CMS or ecommerce platforms are these two online shopping websites using. I hear that we could find out by viewing page source but it did not help me.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think that you can develop such a technical website from single platform. I think they might be used lot more to technology than the programming language.

Looks like it maybe zencart?..

This could be done with Zen Cart or other similar cart code.

You cannot guess the kind of software they are using. They may use php or Java or Dot Net to develop their own Content Management Systems

Maybe Magento? It’s really difficult to figure that out.

Certainly, Magento!

not only magento , wordpress is also an option for you.
you can also check <snip>, is also online shopping site…

You can actually start with Wordpress. Many websites are built using it. If you want a bit more power Drupal, Joomla are all good choices. While they do not require programming for most of the simple functions, you may need to know some theming and design (read CSS, HTML).

I don’t know what they are using, but this look can be achieved with a ton of open source cart solutions. Look into zencart, magento, wordpress, drupal, joomla

i don’t know about drupal but joomla is also fine option, but i used wordpress and it is so easy to use…