Help me in redirection?

Hi All,
I am working on migrating my php website to ASP.NET website. Almost i have done it. But i am strucked up in redirecting the URL’s Could anyone please help me in redireting this URL:
to … I have almost completed everything only htaccess redirection is pending. Please help me out resolving this and let me release my website soon.


Are you using an Apache server? If so,

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^$ ViewTickets.aspx [R=301,L]

… where the query string will be passed along unmodified.

If you’re using IIS, there are different flavors of mod_rewrite implementation one of which attempts to mimic Apache’s directly. If this doesn’t work for you, Google for your version of IIS and mod_rewrite as the other version is more like Visual Basic … but there are converters available.