Redirect a .asp site to .php site

Hi there, how can I correctly redirect a .asp website to a .php website, all my pages will be the same name and paths, only difference is they are now php on unix server instead of windows? cheers;)

You have set your new server to run .asp as php ? In that case, its just a case of telling Apache (or whatever your server is) to throw .asp pages through the php parser.

AddType application/x-httpd-php .asp

ah good move, I guess then my pages would still be called .asp and no redirection required? is that right? is there any reasons not to do this or gottchya’s with this method? thanks for reply.

The php interpreter won’t run any asp code in your pre-existing asp pages.

Indeed, thats the point of the suggestion, then there is no redirect faff to be done :slight_smile:

thanks Timlgoe nice one, cheers Doug G for input


There’s always the simple redirection in the sample code section of my signature’s mod_rewrite tutorial (which I would use rather than messing with AddType handlers).