Help me error affix bootstrap?

My website using boostrap 3.
i used class affix for menu, but when i scroll to bottom page, after scroll up to top error not show menu.
help me, please

I don’t see the class affix used in the HTML of the page.
The header has the class affix-top applied, but I don’t see that class defined in the CSS.

Recommend trying to fix as many of the 48 errors as possible:

For example, one cannot put a block element <div> inside of a <p> element. <p> is for paragraph.

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The topbar seems to re-appear when you scroll back to the top!

It all seems to be working. Where do you see this problem and which browser are you testing in? The afix class seems to be working as expected.

The nav menu does not have the afix class and is not inside the ‘affixed’ header so won’t be fixed to the top

oh. sorry! i’m using affix for header. my header error. this is link:

it’s just error when i scroll to bottom and affter srcoll to up top. help me

thanks. i will fix it

You will have to help us first to understand the exact problem.

I scrolled to the bottom and then I scrolled to the top and all seems to work fine. What is the error you see?

Is this an error in a specific browser or all browsers?

What device and platform are you testing on?

Please post a screenshot showing the error if you cannot describe it to us.

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Just noticed that you posted a different link in your reply to Sam.

This link:

That indeed does not show the menu when you scroll back to the top but I’ve wasted half an hour looking at this link which works fine. :frowning:

I can’t tell you what the problem is but I can tell you where to look. In the page that doesn’t work you have this JS file at the bottom.

<script src="">

If I swap that JS file for this one:

<script src=""></script>

The menu now begins to work properly as seen in the first link. You will need to look and see what you have added or omitted to that first js file that stops the fixed header working.

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i’m testing on chrome 75.

oh. thanks. i’m understand proplem. thanks so much

thanks everybody. thanks so much. i was fixed it

Thank you for letting us know. :smile:

It would be very helpful if you could explain and show us what you did to fix the problem. Another visitor may have that same problem and could beneft from your experience agree

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i’m delete event unbind scroll jquery.

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