HELP! I cant get onto my wordpress site because of an error!

Hi all,

I’d just like to say I’m a complete novice when it come to computers! Ive been trying to edit plugins on my wordpress site to have multiple featured images, and now the site doesnt work at all but just says this:

‘Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /data04/c4581861/public_html/wp-content/themes/maya/inc/functions-theme.php on line 1074’

Please help I’ve tried forums everywhere and had no support!

Thank you so much

Can you post the contents of that page? At least lines 1000-1100?

The moral of this is always have a backup.

As xeonman13 says nobody can help you without you posting some code. Even if they knew what functions-theme.php is it would be of no help as you say you have been modifying it.

Post the code in the code highlighter tags by using “Go Advanced” and clicking on the icon with php on it.

You could always delete the version of functions-theme.php you have been modifying and start again with the original

Hi xeonman thanks for replying, I cant post the contents page as I cant get on to any bit of the site at all, I just get that error code.

Hi Rubble thank you for replying, I can’t get on to any part of the site at all because I just get that error code, so I can’t delete the function-theme.php at all.

Is there anywhere I can just reset all of the plugins thats not through my actual website?


I do not use wordpress and if you installed the plugin through a wordpress interface it would be hard.

If you uploaded the plugin through FTP you should be able to upload the original.

You may be able to change something in your database but could cause another problem.

I would go over to the wordpress forum and ask the question there.