I has make web page in HTML5/CSS3, but in Firefox 4 beta it is ok.
I IE9 beta it is different and I can not se what is wrong, se jpg fils.
and in IE9

Thans. :lol:

I see youโ€™re loading everything in frames? What are you using for your rounded corners?

By the way the links in your menu are still pointing to dynamic drive etc

Try setting display:block on section, nav, etc.

I forget the link, her it is

Thans agin

But why are the corner not round, it is in Firefox 4 beta, not in IE9.
Her is a link to the page.[URL=โ€œโ€]

Thans agin. :lol:

Do you have a link to the actual site. Everything someone would say, would be guessing, since we donโ€™t see the markup or CSS. It could be floats that are not cleared or as zcorpan suggested an inline element that should be set to block.

I has take som Sitepoint courses online ( HTML5 and CSS 3) and I well make a new danish speedway webpage in html 5 and css3, it is on beginner format.

I am using
-moz-border-radius: 50px;
-webkit-border-radius: 50px;
in css3.
The menu is not finished, it is only a test in css3 and html 5 and it is the first time I make webpage in this format.
I has make webpage in html 4.01 and the css 3 is new for me to.