[help]How to delete file Adobe?

Yesterday i downloaded Photoshop. When i installed to 70~80%, my sister turn off the outlet. When i turn on computer again. It didn’t work, instead of black screen. I have to click reset and fress F8 to use Safe Mode. And i tried all ways to deleted file “Adobe”: Press Shift+Deleted, use Unlocker Assistant or program in Add and Remove Programs (Control Panel), deleted all key at Registry Editor. But there was still black screen. Please teach me how to delete it completely, so i can reinstall it again. Thank you.:cool:

Adobe have pretty good support in their forums. I would expect that if the install wasn’t complete that you could re-run the installation. If you are trying to install a bootleg version you may have a virus laden version which may be giving you other computer headaches besides a simple install issue.

You could try this page.