[HELP] Error in tag </ dl>

I just idly checking my blog html validation (http://apkfree-download.blogspot.com) in validator.w3.org.
After i ceck apparently there is an erorr that the tag </ dl>.
Then I tried to fix it but I could not. So I asked for help from you all to help me fix erorr on tag </ dl> this.

For those of you who helped me, I say many thanks.

Is the space between the </ and the dl> actually there in the page or did you just mistype the tag each time in the question here?

The validator expects you to have at least one DD. That seems to be the problem.

On a side note, I would reconsider turning that DIV inside the DT to a span, DTs are inline elements, by default, I believe.

there are no spaces between the </ and dl> master …

I may be a typo.

true </dl> no spaces

So, how do you resolve this error.
I’ve tried a few tips from fellow bloggers, but it’s all right there.

You are using the wrong element. A <dl> is for a definition list, where you have a <dt> (definition term) and a <dd> (description). That’s not the kind of info you are presenting here, so it’s the wrong element anyway. But if you want to keep it, you need a <dd>, as already mentioned.

Hello master ralph.m
thanks you for reply…

On my blog there are two codes </dl>.

<a name='links'/><h4><data:post.backlinksLabel/></h4>
  <b:if cond='data:post.numBacklinks != 0'>
    [COLOR="#FF0000"]<dl[/COLOR] class='comments-block' id='comments-block'>
      <b:loop values='data:post.backlinks' var='backlink'>
        <div class='collapsed-backlink backlink-control'>
          <dt class='comment-title'>
            <span class='backlink-toggle-zippy'>&#160;</span>
            <a expr:href='data:backlink.url' rel='nofollow'><data:backlink.title/></a>
            <b:include data='backlink' name='backlinkDeleteIcon'/>
          <dd class='comment-body collapseable'>
          <dd class='comment-footer collapseable'>
            <span class='comment-author'><data:post.authorLabel/> <data:backlink.author/></span>
            <span class='comment-timestamp'><data:post.timestampLabel/> <data:backlink.timestamp/></span>
<div expr:id='data:widget.instanceId + &quot;_comments-block-wrapper&quot;'>
        [COLOR="#FF0000"]<dl[/COLOR] expr:class='data:post.avatarIndentClass' id='comments-block'>
          <b:loop values='data:post.comments' var='comment'>
            <dt expr:class='&quot;comment-author &quot; + data:comment.authorClass' expr:id='data:comment.anchorName'>
              <b:if cond='data:comment.favicon'>
                <img expr:src='data:comment.favicon' height='16px' style='margin-bottom:-2px;' width='16px'/>
              <a expr:name='data:comment.anchorName'/>
              <b:if cond='data:blog.enabledCommentProfileImages'>
              <b:if cond='data:comment.authorUrl'>
                <a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><data:comment.author/></a>
            <dd class='comment-body' expr:id='data:widget.instanceId + data:comment.cmtBodyIdPostfix'>
              <b:if cond='data:comment.isDeleted'>
                <span class='deleted-comment'><data:comment.body/></span>
            <dd class='comment-footer'>
              <span class='comment-timestamp'>
                <a expr:href='data:comment.url' rel='nofollow' title='comment permalink'>
                <b:include data='comment' name='commentDeleteIcon'/>

According to you, the above code where the location of faults???

I apologize if troublesome …
honestly, I am a beginner in the world of web design

I go to this forum also willing to learn web design and more …

What we are saying is if you are going to use a DL you need to have BOTH DTs and DDs inside it, that’s what DLs are for. If your content doesnt allow for that for some reason, then a DL may just be the wrong structural tag.

I am not familiar with language your CMS is using, but it looks like the DDs are there , they are just not outputting. In other words, your “fault” may not even be on your code … but in your data.

Can you post the HTML that gets sent to the web browser rather than the original that gets run on the server to generate the HTML. It is always easier to work out HTML problems by looking at the HTML.

is ok, many thanks for you reply