Css validator parse error

Hi, when validating this site ( http://www.balilivefestival.com ) I get an "2 Parse Error [:6px –>] "
and I don’t know where or what or why, even… halp

How/where are you validating the site? What is the actual error code? I used the validator in Firefox and do not see that particular error mentioned. However, I noticed the following tag <div id="30-wpf">. IDs and classnames cannot start with a number, so that ID is invalid. Don’t know if that’s contributing to your error or not, but it’s definitely something that needs to be fixed.

Lines 134-136 on the HTML page, there are style tags that should not be there. Local style tags should be between the <head> </head> tags at the top of the page.


That looks like your post. It has “delete me” written all over it :slight_smile:


ok it looks clean now, after removing these style thingies and re-validating… so thanks heaps!

Yes, a comment inside a <style> element cannot be made with <!-- and –>. That are only comments in html.
Inside the <style> element you are in the css language, and in css a comment has to be made with /* and */.
So there are 2 solutions:


That will give that the <style> tag (on the wrong place, as also [U]the html-validator is pointing to[/U]) and his content is not seen by browsers and validators; then it is harmless (but it is doing nothing).
Or: delete the whole thing.

I should go for the last one. :slight_smile:


Cross-post, too late! :smiley:

Glad it helped. Thanks for the feedback!

You really should attend to the ID and classname errors. They matter, especially with an XHTML doctype.

Cheers :slight_smile:

though I can’t find this <div id=“30-wpf”> =/

and I just noticed that Firefox css validator, validates css2.1, not css3…

I see it on line 39

<!-- Ending Styles For Social Media Icon From Acurax International www.acurax.com -->

                <div id="30-wpf">

Looking more closely, there is no code between that tag and its close tag, and there does not seem to be a CSS entry for it. It may be a placeholder for some JavaScript, but I can’t tell, so I’m reluctant to suggest deleting it. Maybe @Francky can tell.

In the output-html: line 39, just before the inline jQuery javascript code for the “dcFloater”.

To late again!!!

u guys are cool, thanks I check tht…

Nope, this time I’m too late :slight_smile:

Cheers, all.

erm… still can’t find the last thing to delete… It’s a wordpress, so it makes files hard to localize… =/ any hint? I still get confused when I use firebug or whatever page inspector…

I should not delete the empty <div id=“30-wpf”></div>, it is a hook for the dcFloater: in this case the floating Tickets image.

I’m not familiar with all those WP-plugins *), so I don’t know how to find it to change the ID-name (and then you have to change this ID-name in the jQuery script too!).
But as far as I can see, I should not worry too much. Though it is not valid html, the browsers seem to recognize it.

*) I should have given the Ticket element a simple css-style {position: fixed;} to stay in the upper right corner, without all the jQuery and plugin widget matter: all ballast for the page loading speed. :slight_smile:

Yes I agree with you, I was a bit in panic and in a rush, so i looked for the plugin way, considering it would be easily embedded and fast to setup, but it just generates crap at the end… =/
Thanks for your input anyway!