Help a newbie!

Hi all,

I am a complete newbie when it comes to JavaScript:). I went through the JavaScript online tutorial from the w3schools and got interested for more. Presently I am reading the JavaScript and Ajax for dummies pdf  and enjoying  it too!

But i would like some expert advice from you guys about how i should go about from here to develop my skills in this subject. Like books and tutorials to read, etc…:slight_smile:

Please help!:slight_smile:

Head over to the start of the javascript forum and have a good read of the threads at the top marked as “Important”

There you will find most of what you’re after.

For example:
JavaScript Book Help

There are other ones at the start of the javascript forum too for things like:
Useful tips and tricks
Links & resources
Library summary

Hey thanks for redirecting me! The posts there are a lot of help. plenty of food for thought…