Healthcare Website Preference

I had a query. Do we need to make a healthcare website on PHP or CMS, which one would be preferred? I have basic knowledge of coding. Just want to clear it before starting a business. Website is for Healthcare monitoring devices- Like Sugar test devices & blood pressure monitors & CGM devices.

That rather depends on your skills and whether you want non-technical people to update the site.

As per my skills are of beginner level. But also I think it’s budget-oriented as well. Meanwhile, I just think for future days how to scale for CMS vs PHP if we add other products list on eCom website.

Then I would strongly advise that you pay somebody to construct a secure site for you, and be guided by them. You can’t risk poor coding in a site which is taking payments and personal details.

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Sure. Will do the same. Thanks guys for the confirmation. Any other thing what should consider like used CMS for resource pages & main website on PHP or something similar to go with.

As I say, those are questions to discuss with your developer. They will be in a much better position to advise you than we are.

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Alright. Thanks again for advice.

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