Having Form Troubles

Hi, it’s been awhile since I was last here at the forums … Sitepoint has been redesigned … again LOL.

I’ve been using Matt’s Script FormMail form script for forms such as contact us for my clients for a year or so without any problems.

However, this time, I do have a problem and I am not sure why.

Problem: Click on submit and the form redirects to the formmail.cgi instead of the thank you page. Never had this happen before.


a) I do test using my personal email address that is at a different domain than the client’s website. I’ve done this successfully with all the forms I create. So there shouldn’t be a problem this time.

b) I am doing 2 different forms on this website (which I’ve done before, so quantity of forms isn’t an issue): Contact and Submissions.

c) Contact form is standard and short. The redirect problem happens on this form also.

d) Submissions form is a bit more complicated than I usually create and also has the added feature of adding photos. THAT might be messing up that form, but doesn’t account for the problem happening with the Contact us form.

e) Both forms validate (well, there’s one minor issue with the contact form, but shouldn’t be causing this problem).

Submissions form: http://www.modeltalentsearchgroup.com/submissions.php
Contact form: http://www.modeltalentsearchgroup.com/contact.php

So, what do you think is wrong?
If I’m using an out-of-date script, what form mail script do you suggest? Naturally, one that is easy to setup like this one was would be preferable.


Did you get email from this form after submit?

I feel the process is getting terminating in the script that sends email. Did you get chance to review the server errors?

No, no email gets through.

As for your question about the error logs … hmmm … come to think of it … I have no clue where they are in GoDaddy (where the website is hosted). With that said, now that I think about it … this is the first time I have used this form script on a GoDaddy hosted website (all the other clients have been hosted on my Hostgator reseller server). Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

You did not get email so it must be that the script failure or either the web server is not able to send email or the ports might have got blocked. If it is cPanel interface there must be a provision for you to see the error logs. Did you see anything in there?

I just tried to get into the client’s GoDaddy account (which I’ve been into before) and now the password isn’t working. So, I’ll have to see what is up with that. GoDaddy doesn’t have a typical cPanel interface … they have their own misconbobulated interface. grins So, I’ll have to hunt and peck around to see if I can find an error log. There isn’t one that shows up in the files when looking via FTP.

Well, I got the Contact form to work … at least it goes to the thank you page.

According to the hidden tags you can add, you can receive the form hourly or in a digest … so I’m still waiting for the email as I have it set to hourly. I’m thinking of deleting that tag and seeing if the email comes right away. [edited: I did receive the email, after about 5 mins].

While I was waiting … I tried doing the submissions form too … but that one redirects to an error page. Not sure why yet.

EDIT: Well, re-tried the contact form without that hidden tag and am getting the same error message now.

I’m getting you can’t send more than one form with the GoDaddy webformmailer.php ???

Off Topic:

I’ve moved your question to the PHP forum. I’m not sure it’s the correct place for it, but the Accessibility & Usability forum wasn’t for sure :slight_smile:

You might want to ask the GoDaddy helpdesk what that means?


Thanks for the thread move … truly wasn’t sure where to post it.

Re: the error … via some searching I was able to find someone who had the same problem and someone posted a fix. In the webformmailer.php file, need to change “split” to “explode” on line 29. The poster said it had something to do with the latest in PHP/MYSQL versions.

I’m using the gdform.php for the Contact Us form. GDForm only displays the results in the email alphabetically. This would be a nightmare for the Submissions form.

So, I’m using the webformmailer.php for the Submissions form.

My last thing to tackle is how to allow folks to upload 3 images of themselves (this is a modeling website). GoDaddy specifically states that their webformmailer.php (and I also assume gdform.php) doesn’t allow for file uploads.

So … after doing another search, someone suggested Uploadify. I’m looking at that right now.

My only question is … it doesn’t seem to be any form upload script (for forms) that allows the uploads to be a direct attachment to the email. It seems all uploads are only accessible via the assigned folder on the server? The reason why I ask is that the client is not tech savvy and would consider it to be a big hassle to go into the uploads’ folder and download the pics, whereas she should be able to see them attached to the email sent by the form. Is this not doable?

Looks like your web server or php settings restrictions preventing multiple form submissions. Did you get update from GD?

Hi Jerom … sorry, took the weekend off =)

Yes, that is what I concluded also - that you can only do one form per domain with the GoDaddy webformmailer.php. I did search online and couldn’t find an answer one way or another on that.

But you can use webformmailer.php for one form and the gdform.php for another (but that one automatically alphabetizes your fields in the email you receive).

Still looking for a way to have the uploads be attachments to the emails to make things easier for the client.

Well, after yet another round of researching, I think it is safe to conclude that no one has been able to edit the GoDaddy webformmailer.php file to get it to accept file uploads, much less attach those files to the email (instead of just storing the files on the server).

And, because GoDaddy has the mail() function blocked, you can’t use a 3rd party form script.

Can anyone help with this please?

Hmm. is that not possible for you to use the SMTP authentication mode? Do they allow or you form accepts it first… can you it out.

No issues. I was able to figure out from the error message you shared here. If its for client. then would suggest you choose other service provider if they are so restrictive.