Hashing password!

i wana hash my password and save them in db.and then select them from db,what hashing alghoritm u suggest?

i googled and i found bcrypt for good,is it right?its best soluotion?

do you have any idea for helping me?





i checket both of this before,i need youpoints of your expriences,

password_hash() will use bcrypt by default, which is considered the best algorithm nowadays. If you use password_hash() with the default parameters, it is possible that in the future a better algorithm will be used - if it is created. Also, this function will strengthen the algorithm by performing many iterations of hashing - this can’t be really done in pure php because you will never achieve the same speed as a C extension can. I’d say this is the best hashing function right now for most use cases unless you have some very specific requirements.

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ok,thanks in advance for giving ur valuable time for me

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