Happy Birthday Shaun (of the dead)

May the dead be merry and full with joy because today is your birthday and a big party you all must enjoy.

Off Topic:

Please, do remember that English is not my mother tongue and that I’m rubbish writing rhymes!

Happy birthday Shaun. Have a great time :smiley:

Do dead people have birthdays?

Anyway, Happy Birthday (just in case … :goof: )

Happy Brithday Shaun :aparty:

Happy Birthday Shaun :musicman: - jeeze you’re really getting old now - 26 eh? It’s all down hill from there! :lol:


Merry day of bornification Shaun.

[FONT=“Georgia”]We have death-days.



Happy Zombie day

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, Shaun :slight_smile:

Happy birthday dude :beer:

Happy birthday :aparty:

Past 25 it’s all going downhill fast. I’m already feeling it and soon you will too. Eyes are no longer the same, less and less hair on the head, beer belly bigger and bigger… That’s what getting old is all about, and I thought they were lying :sick:


Happy Birthday, dude! :Partier:

[FONT=“Georgia”]uhh… Thanks?


Don’t worry Shaun. Saul was old when he was 20 :stuck_out_tongue:

happy dooms day Shaun may the dead arise and live their throng future .