Happy birthday Sensei O'Brien

The members of this forum are really great but some of them are a bit… greater. After 40,402 posts dedicated to help other members let’s give this guy what he truly deserves… C’mon people. Join me to wish Paul a very, very

Happy Birthday!!!

lots of cake, presents, happiness, etc, etc.

Have a great one, Paul! :apresent: :drink: :aparty::hbday::musicman:


  • plus the odd bear-hug and a party, too. :slight_smile: :nanaman: :Partier::nanaman: :bday::nanaman: :sparty: :nanaman:

(And some :coffee: later, if you need it. ;))


:note: Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu… :note:

Many thanks.:slight_smile:

It’s been a pleasure to be part of this forum.

I’ll try and save you all some jelly and cake :wink:

And that generous nature is the reason we all love you. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Sensei O’Brien

Happy Birthday Paul! Take it easy today :wink:

Happy Birthday. You deserve each and every year.
You’re Great!

Happy birthday Paul.

Happy Birthday, Paul!
Hope you have a good 'un.

Took me a second to figure out who you were talking about…yes, I’m a little slow sometimes.

Happy Birthday, Paul!

.paul {
    age: --age + 1,
    cakes: 1,
    beers: 5,
    alcohol-promillage: 0.2,
    display: 'prominently'

Happy birthday Paul! :beer:

Happy birthday to you .Many many happy returns of the day .

Best wishes Paul.

Thanks for the all the best wishes and a slice of cake is on its way to every one of you :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Paul!!! Best wishes for the best day.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday PAUL !!!

I am late, but I hope it still counts, happy birthday Paul!!

I don not know you but: HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3.

Wish you more and more happiness