Happy birthday Paul!

Today is the birthday of great SitePoint member Paul O’B!

Paul has been a huge influence and help during my tenure here at SitePoint. I know today is his birthday and I wanted to stop by the forums and post him best wishes, but I didn’t see a thread!

Everyone please wish this great community member a happy birthday before it’s over, would ya?

Cheers to Paul!

Happy Birthday @Paul_O_B ; !

Best of wishes and full of happiness. :slight_smile:

To an unusually gifted man - happy happy pmob!

Happy Birthday Paul ! :hbday:

Happy Birthday, Paul :bday: - although I hope you’re too busy partying to stop by the forums and read this today. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the best wishes everyone. It brings tears to an old man’s heart :slight_smile:


Many many Happy returns of the day :slight_smile:
Happy Birthday

Happy birthday paul.

Ditto, and thanks for all the help over the years and reciprocating the friend request. Have a great day!

Many Many happy return’s of d day…

Thanks for the best wishes everybody, it’s much appreciated.:slight_smile:

A bit late, but happy birthday to you Paul. Hope you had a great day.

Happy b’day belated Paul. May you have all the happiness in this world.

I might be late, but happy bday! :slight_smile: