Handwritten signature

Wondering if there’s a way to insert what looks like a handwritten signature in my website/blog?

Easiest way would be finding a cursive font that looks like handwriting.

Buy a flatbed scanner.

Use a smart phone :wink:

How do I use a scanner?

Do you have one?

An alternative would be to take a photo of your signature and perhaps edit it a bit in Photoshop.

I do indeed have a scanner and have had it for some time. Just have no idea how that would get me what I am looking.

No big deal…I will fool around and see what I can come up with. Thanks for your help.

http:// www dot onlinesignature dot in/

Check it out

Scan piece of paper that has your signature on it. That appears on your computer as a digital image. Save that image for the web (cropping it if needed). Place an img tag on your page, linking to that image file. This is all stuff you are familiar with.

If you are needing to do your handwriting arbritrarily there are companies that convert handwriting samples into fonts. You’ll have to fill out some ten pages of sample writing by hand to do it and it costs a bit to do, but if you want that level of personalization it is possible.

I know that if I ever publish my poetry collections it will be handwritten. I am rather fond of my calligraphy skills.

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