Handling Video Rotation

Is there a JS I can implement that allows me to have one video playback on the screen but when one video finishes it loads the another and starts automatically. Currently the videos I have is flash based and in different folders on the server. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

If you’re using an HTML5 video element, it should fire an “ended” event when the video has finished playing.
Some details about the implementation can be found in the ended playback section of the specs.

There is now also a video.js plugin that allows you to greatly simplify the video playback, and provides a cross-browser solution to playing and managing video in web pages. It also allows you to listen for the ended event, as can be seen in this thread on [url=“http://help.videojs.com/discussions/questions/26-redirect-to-url-once-video-has-ended”]Redirect to URL Once Video Has Ended