Hacked website what to do?


I have several Dating sites, one in particular is doing very well, recently my personal email was hacked information was taken to log into my domain accounts and domain names were changed ownership , then one of my web sites was hacked as they stole passwords from my email, my hosting hostgater traced them and it was traced to a server owned by a competitors blog.
At the same time they also stole passwords for another web site of mine and entered that server, deleted my website and changed link to this blog again, which is an advertising tool again for a competitors web site.

How do I stand with this? is this legal? they blatently hacked in ,and placed advertising for their site!

The company that did this are based in Kiev Ukraine, so I guesse they are outside the realms of the law?

What advise do you give in these circumstances??


Should I contact the police in this matter?

Or am I probably going to be wasting my time as they are from Ukraine?

Unfortunately I suspect that although what they have done is clearly illegal, the chances of successfully prosecuting them is unlikely. If the server used in these activities is located in the West you may be able to approach the hosting company and get them shut down.

The lesson here is to improve your personal online security, and make sure you have backups of valuable content - it’s highly unlikely your email was ‘hacked’ strictly speaking - they’ve either guessed an easy password, or perhaps socially engineered their way past a password recovery routine.

I would be satisfied if I regain my ownership. I really doubt you could do something about that. make sure you change all your passwords, use different script or let someone with more knowledge to check security issue you might have with that site.

Get hold of the billing dept at the host and the domain registrar if you used somebody else.
If the hosting etc was paid for using your credit card then they should be able to verify your
identity using the personal details they hold about you. Then the account passwords can be reset
and you regain control, HG also takes routine backups of sites & databases so all may not be lost.