Grid in with access database

i am developing website which on n backend is microsoft access

now i have the grid into it with show 3 colums my questions are

if i want to add2 more colums which i want to 5 how do i do
now i want to add records into grid rows and colums rember rows are unlimited i m programmer of vb6 i used to have recordset to map the field how do i add records what technique i used plz write code also n what is datareader etc

so please provide code that grid is on th epage i have to show records into grid where rows are unlimited

Given your background in vb6 and access databases, I suspect it would make more sense to use more of your current skillset, then trying to wrap your head around the entire new .NET philosophy. I would set the GridView to AutoGenerateColumns and then construct your DataSet in SQL and / or with data adapter code. Then you can apply your VB knowledge in VB.NET, and once your DataSet (the .NET version of a recordset) can then just be passed to the GridView which will take care of the rest.

dear sir you join table and insert data in grid view


As I said in your other thread, I would suggest using another database for web projects.

Adding columns to a gridview would be done on the design of the page. You can use VS gui tools to help you or you can add columns in the html. You could also set it to auto generate columns.

Then it will show all the columns that is in your data collection.

What language are you looking at writing this in? VB.NET?